Viva La Vegan: Amsterdam Falafel Shop


As a vegan who is new to the 305, I’ve had so much fun exploring new cuisine, funky desserts, and healthy dishes throughout the Miami area! Whether it be coconut milk based nitrogen ice cream or the thickest veggie burger you’ve ever seen, Miami is a hub for clean yet mouth-watering plant based eating!

Welcome to Viva La Vegan, the column through which you can now discover vegan friendly restaurants and food around the Coral Gables and Miami areas! With each article, I’ll highlight a new dish or place that’s not too far from the University of Miami campus.


Located only a short metro ride away lies “Amsterdam Falafel Shop,” a well-loved gem of South Miami.  

Upon entering Amsterdam Falafel Shop, I noticed its very transparent allergen policy and “DIY” philosophy. The charming brick background and red walls are welcoming, the employees ever so kind and accommodating. The menu is straightforward, and prices are lower than the average Miami restaurant.


Below the menu, there is a cheat sheet for almost every single diet or allergy imaginable. Gluten Free and Vegan? Allergic to onion and nuts? You’ll be able to see exactly what you can and cannot eat!


I ended up ordering a delicious falafel sandwich, which was a warm pocket of pita bread packed with 5 crispy falafel nuggets. This is when the aforementioned DIY aspect now came into play. When it comes to Amsterdam’s sauces and toppings, you can go wild. I certainly did, and I’d advise you to do the same!


Overall, I ended up with a sandwich full of hummus, various veggies, and some sauces! The texture was delicious, and each bite was jam-packed with new flavors. I was left full and happy! If you’re looking to support a local business and enjoy a hearty meal, South Miami’s Little Amsterdam is the place to go.