Midterm Mania: Get Out and Vote


“This is one of the most important elections of our lifetime.”

Sure enough, it's THAT time again, midterm elections are upon us. The often under appreciated midterm election has recently drawn quite a bit of attention from both the public and the press. Both sides of the political aisle have been vigorously campaigning, more so than in prior years. Taylor Swift broke her longtime political silence, Kim and Kanye are having meetings with the president and any celebrity whose anyone is at the very least tweeting to their thousands of followers encouraging them the register and vote this November.

To many Americans, this election will have historic consequences. This sentiment is echoed in the opening quote made by President Donald Trump himself. After the 2016 presidential elections, Americans have been left polarized on many political issues. This divide has caused a surge in encouraging voter participation surrounding this midterm election. Many liberals see this as a chance to take back Congress. Conservatives see this as a chance to keep control of it.

Both sides recognize the weight of the results, especially in Florida. Florida is commonly referred to as a “swing state”. This means it tends to lean conservative or liberal and a handful of swayed voters could tip the scales in either direction during each election.    

In fact, former President Barack Obama and President Trump are currently campaigning on behalf of their colleagues in Congress, traveling from state to state, looking to grab the attention of undecided voters. Each made sure to pay a visit to the “Sunshine State”. But they aren’t the only ones.         

“We want anyone who disagrees to be first in line”, was among the many statements made at “Campus Clash”, a political tour aiming to “identify, educate, train, and organize students” in terms of political and fiscal responsibility.

The event recently took place at Nova High School, in Davie, Florida. Prominent speakers included Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, and Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Donald Trump Jr. was slated to make an appearance as well, but this was prevented by Hurricane Michael.

In weeks prior, Michelle Obama paid a visit to the University of Miami itself, claiming bipartisanship in order to encourage young people to get out and vote. Attended by a portion of the student body, some also attended “Campus Clash” in order to see another perspective when it comes to politics.

While not necessarily advertised as bipartisan, Turning Point USA’s “Campus Clash”, welcomed views from both sides of the proverbial political aisle. Charlie Kirk gave speaking priority to those with opposing views, encouraging and welcoming them to speak their minds and ask questions in an open environment.


Comments and questions ranged from Kanye to Kavanaugh which provided a diverse speaking ground. In recent weeks, rapper Kanye West paid a visit to the Oval Office. He offered an alternate perspective on political policy and gave commentary on social and racial issues. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, was also recently involved in a hearing prolonging his appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States.    

Both events were met with minimal backlash and made considerable effort to respectfully and peacefully discuss political opinions. More importantly, both consistently encouraged young voters to “get out and vote!”.

College is about being open to new experiences and new ideas. Therefore it is encouraged that students be informed and open to all opinions and make their own conclusions in the end. Everyone has an opinion, and every opinion deserves to be heard.

Midterm elections take place on Tuesday, November 6th. The polls are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Every vote counts. Make yours count too.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and vote!        

Colin Ruzella