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Please consider donating to WVUM 90.5 FM to help keep your favorite radio station up and running for another year. We are a non-profit organization, and rely solely on generous donations from listeners just like YOU

Unlike commercial radio stations, we don’t have advertisers that help keep us alive. If everyone who visits this page would donate, our future would be much more secure. In exchange for donations, we’ve put together some awesome packages to thank you for your support!

Every year our station holds an annual week long fundraising drive called Radiothon, in an effort to raise funds to keep our station on the air for another school year. During Radiothon 2019 our fundraising goal is $10,000. Please consider donating as generously as you can!




2019 Radiothon Donation Bundles

(All final pricing includes nationwide shipping costs)

New WVUM Sticker / $5 Donation:

Newest WVUM Sticker featuring our freshest design!


New WVUM Sticker Pack / $10 Donation:

WVUM 3-Sticker Pack featuring 3 of our newest sticker designs!


Mystery WVUM Shirt / $15 Donation:

Mystery WVUM Shirt (random style & size) from our tee design archives! 


LIMITED EDITION Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Water Bottle / $20 Donation:

Our limited-run eco-friendly Stainless Steel Water Bottle featuring our logo design (pictured)!


New Staff-Designed Short Sleeve Tee / $25 Donation:

Our brand new staff-designed short sleeve tee featuring a futuristic front & back design (black shirt, pictured)!


New Staff-Designed Long Sleeve Pocket Tee / $35 Donation:

Get an EXCLUSIVE WVUM cozy long sleeve tee featuring a WVUM 90.5 branded pocket (white shirt, pictured)!


In-Stereo Bundle / $50 Donation:

New staff-designed short sleeve tee (black shirt, pictured) + Stainless Steel Water Bottle + New Sticker


Keep It Locked Bundle / $65 Donation:

New staff-designed short sleeve tee (black shirt, pictured) + Mystery WVUM tee + Stainless Steel Water Bottle + 3 Sticker Pack + create your own sweeper to play on the air!


Make Your Own Playlist / $100 Donation:

Curate you own hour-long show for all of Miami to hear on the air!

Restrictions apply. A member of our staff will be in touch with you after your donation is complete.


Call A Baseball Inning / $150 Donation:

Call an inning of a Miami Hurricanes home baseball game!