Viva La Vegan: Earth


As a vegan, clean eating is a large part of my lifestyle, so naturally, local health food joints draw me in, easily! Nuzzled in the inviting streets of South Miami lies Earth, an organically principled eatery. With a menu loaded with delicious finds from acai bowls to tacos to banana pies to veggie burgers, Earth is a perfect place to visit!


Upon walking in, I was greeted by a very kind and knowledgeable server and rainbow painted walls. To my left was a mural of a smiling orange and a refrigerator stocked full of smoothies, CBD juices, teas, and chilled vegan goodies, and to my right lied a freezer full of frozen fruit pops.


After looking at the menu, a decadent vegan brownie caught my eye. I could not resist the temptation of vegan baked goods! Additionally, I ordered a DIY acai bowl chock full of strawberries, kiwi, coconut shavings, and peanut butter, and my friend ordered the Nutella toast (though it’s not vegan, I’ll tell the omnivores about it as well)! Though high prices are to be expected from a local, healthy eatery, I was still worried that I would have buyer’s remorse. Would the high prices be worth it?

Well, in this case, they were justifiable for the treats we got. The brownie was perfectly firm and dense, and upon biting into it, my mouth filled with an aroma of a unique spice flavor. It perfectly supplemented the savory-sweet thickness of the chocolate brownie. It was the best baked good I had eaten in awhile.


The acai bowl was filling, substantial, and naturally tasty. The formula of the acai was not too thick, but perfectly smooth and fluid. Nothing about the acai tasted artificial-- it was certified, bonafide organic sweetness! Usually when a scoop of peanut butter is added on top of an acai bowl, it creates an interesting and almost unpleasant dynamic; however, that was not the case with the Earth bowl. The juxtaposing textures actually worked perfectly together, as the more liquidy acai complemented the rich peanut butter. As a whole, my vegan treats were divine!


My friend absolutely loved the coconut covered Nutella Toast-- the bread was toasted but still perfectly soft and abundant in size. The warm Nutella and embellishments from the coconut shavings and strawberries made it the perfect mid day dessert.


After all, Earth was supremely scrumptious. The prices make this joint great for a “Treat Yo’self Day” or a special day out with friends, but Earth is not exactly a place a typical college student like myself could make a regular pit stop! However, if you are looking for a wholesome meal or snack that will quench your desire for anything from a jam-packed vegan taco to a Green Goddess smoothie, Earth is the place for that!

Psst… here are some special deals going on at Earth right now!:

  • If you take a picture in store and tag @EarthMIA, you get 20% off of your next visit!

  • Earth has free Postmate delivery fees from now until Nov. 28!

  • There are weekly specials such as:

    • Mondays: 50% off smoothies

    • Tuesdays: $6 pastas

    • Wednesdays: $8 full sandwiches

    • Thursdays: any 3 tacos for $10

    • Weekly meal plans starting at $55/week