Travis Scott Brings ASTROWORLD to Miami

Travis Scott lights up the stage at the 11/11 ASTROWORLD WISH YOU WERE HERE TOUR

Travis Scott lights up the stage at the 11/11 ASTROWORLD WISH YOU WERE HERE TOUR

The main stage screen flashed bright, filling with trippy imagery fans of his music videos are well familiar with. Then after the lights cut out:

“I’m behind you!”

And the mob rushed towards Travis, who made his entrance on the secondary floor stage.

That surprise alone set the energy in the stadium. He kept the flame alive the whole night, bounding across the stage without missing a single flow, never breathless or tired.

He hopped on a makeshift roller coaster strapped to a circular light rig. During “Butterfly Effect,” he brought an audience member up, who launched himself into the crowd on time with the second “For this life, I cannot change.”

Eagle screeches pierced the waves of constant deep bass as the screens set Travis on fire with special effects.

Fireworks rang on beat during each chorus of “NO BYSTANDERS.”

He treated us to some more surprises, too: halfway through the set, after his rendition of SZA’s “Love Galore,” he announced that he has a beautiful wife waiting back home. After Kylie was spotted with what looks like an engagement ring while she was out in Miami, we’re sure this will only fuel more marriage rumors!

And, somehow, after shouting the whole night, he never lost his voice -- not even when he brought out Drake for “SICKO MODE” as his final bombshell.

They finished with a bang, and Travis seemed exhausted; Drake brought the audience’s attention back when he asked for an applause for Travis, who he called one of the best performers alive.

The WISH YOU WERE HERE tour was truly an experience of pure, raw energy. Props to Travis. Go get some rest, man.