Libra Season Playlist

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Happiness and balance has been restored because it is the peak of libra season. From September 23 to October 23rd we celebrate the materialistic air signs that are ruled by the planet Venus! Here are some definitive signs that you might be a libra:

  • As much as you pretend to hate drama, you love to hear the tea when its being spilled and ALWAYS gossip under the guise of ‘good intentions’

  • You are continuously flirting with everyone BESIDES the person you are actually crushing on

  • Having obscure taste in art and music but still making sure it’s accessible

  • Taking days to make a simple decision and the ending of flipping a coin because you see the pros and cons of both sides

  • Becoming an amalgamation of other people’s traits and mannerisms rather than being your own person

  • Avoiding at all costs anything that will stir up any conflict and necessitate confrontation UNLESS it is about something you deem particularly unfair.

So here’s to you Libras! Enjoy this playlist of music that is accessible but not quite your mainstream top 40, impress your many friends with your somewhat obscure tastes and make the most of your season.

Aaliyah Weathers