Young Thug's Surprise EP is an Instant Classic


There may be no better way to start a week than an unexpected Young Thug drop. His EP, On The Rvn, came as a welcome surprise Monday, specially just following the release of the Atlanta rapper’s commercial mixtape, Slime Language, on August 17. Who but Thugger would so graciously bless us with two projects in just over a month.

Young Thug turned himself in to authorities on September 11 after a felony warrant was issued for his arrest.  Since then, Young Thug has been dealing with legal issues, and expressed his feelings through his latest project.

Track one kicks off with the EP title, “On The Rvn”.  Thug uses typical production that sounds similar to his classics, mixed with lyrics of anger and despair towards the law.  It is a very powerful intro on a musical and personal level.

Track 2, “Icey,” embodies the beloved flow that his fans know and love.  It sounds similar to, “Digits,” on Slime Season 3, which is a fan favorite.  Lyrics of designer clothes and luxurious watches are heard throughout the entire song.  The song opens with, “Richard Millie make ‘em pukey.”

The next track, “Climax,” is a slow song with Thug’s falsetto featuring 6LACK.  A sex anthem from the beginning whispered to you by Young Thug, and an intense verse by 6LACK, will surely be played at a club near you this weekend.

“Sin,” track 4, is my personal favorite on the album due to the chemistry between Thug and Jaden Smith.  Both artists incorporate catchy bars with grimy lyrics, making them sound like they were a part of the golden age during the early 90s.

Track 5, “Real in My Veins,” featuring T-Shyne uses a melodic electric guitar riff throughout the entire song making it in instant head bobber.  It is a stereotypical ‘boast and brag’ song that Young Thug has seemed to master.

The last track , “High,” is the perfect grand finale.  It features Elton John’s vocals from “Rocket Man,” making it Young Thug’s most epic song to date.  Thug showed his versatility through this song and bridged the gap between two genres flawlessly.

Young Thug did not disappoint, and he receives a 9/10 for On The Rvn.  Holding on to the style and sound that granted him a cult following, as well as experimenting with new sounds like featuring Elton John, make this an instant classic.