Radioactive Returns for A Final Episode


On Sunday at 6pm, longtime WVUM 90.5FM host Natalie Kivell comes back on the airwaves for one final episode. WVUM’s longest running News Specialty show “Radioactive” will go on hiatus, but not before a final airing of a show long in the making.

On this episode Kivell interviews researchers at the Online Technologies Lab who shared their work on Online Fighting Game Communities. Dr. Chris Keys, Dr. Crystal Steltenpohl, Kevin Ryan and Jordan Reed. Together they share their research from both a Community Psychology and an Education perspective outlining the unique qualities of the online communities from which we can learn, the process of learning inside of these communities and the idea of good and bad players and prototypically of players.

You can check out more about the Online Technologies Lab here [] and you can read more about their work in the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice here! []

As a station, we would like to thank newly crowned Dr. Natalie Kivell for her hard work and dedication to WVUM over the years. Always presenting the alternative side of community development and social structures, Natalie remained a fixture at the station throughout her long tenure. Her work as the host of Radioactive will go down in WVUM history as one of the most influential news shows ever aired!

And one last time, remember to Keep it Locked.

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