Priceless Moment: Watch Daniel Caesar Perform on the Roof of the Fillmore

As if the night could get any better. After the Sunday night show at the Fillmore (and five blissful encores), Canadian neo-soul singer Daniel Caesar surprised a few lucky fans with an impromptu a capella performance of an unreleased song (name unknown) on the roof of the venue.

Yes, you read that correctly. The moment occurred around ten minutes after the show had officially ended. My friend and I had decided to stick around the area and wait for the Uber prices to go down we noticed dozens of people running towards the side of building and screaming.

Obviously, we wanted in and then it happened. Daniel Caesar and his team waving at fans from the window. But simple waving wasn’t enough for the eager singer and he proceeded to climb out of the window. Seconds later, he is handed a guitar from someone on his team. And just like that, every fan’s dream was coming true.

Truthfully, it was difficult to hear him, even when everyone got quiet and repeatedly told anyone who dared shriek in excitement to shut up. But the expressions of pure amazement and glee from everyone lucky enough to be around made it pretty clear that all that mattered was the arresting magnificence of such a moment. 

At the end, his promoter recorded the screams of fans below right before Caesar flung his sweat-drenched shirt into the wind. I envy whoever caught it, but I rest easy knowing it’s probably in good hands.

Shianne Salazar