WVUM Screams for Ice Cream!

Although Summer may have come to a close, who’s to say the desire (necessity) for ice cream treats has to end? The WVUM Blog Staff got to thinking about the delicious sweet dessert that is ice cream, and we got to talking about some of our favorite flavors. Caught and confused and conflicted on which flavor to choose on your next venture to the ice cream stand (or Walmart at 2am, as it usually happens to me)? Read on to see our top creamy picks!

Caroline Whyte: My favorite ice cream flavor would have to be “Mocha Nut,” which is a vegan flavor from a local hometown ice cream shop I used to work for. It is made up of a deep, rich TCHO chocolate base that is then blended with a dash of coffee with hazelnuts mixed in! It’s the perfect Nutella-esque ice cream flavor for vegans who can’t eat Nutella (rip)! Other than that, I love anything with a creamy cashew milk base!

Joanna Jara: Haagen Dasz Dulce De Leche - that brand specifically makes my favorite flavor. It has the subtle vanilla undertones with the super sweet hints of Dulce de Leche. Also, Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough. The cookie dough balls are the best authentic “raw batter” tasting pieces.

Juliana Byers: Vanilla ice cream with olive oil on top.... sounds weird, but TRUST!!!! It's divine (and so fancy sounding, too)!

Tope Ekunsanmi: Strawberry, because I can never finish ice cream if it’s too sweet, and strawberry is a happy medium.

Nathan Vanherp: Strawberry all the way.

Charles-Étienne Gonthier: Dulce de Leche!

Katie Lesh: I love Peanut Butter Oreo!

Alec Chao: Pistachio.

Daniel Correa Mint Chocolate Chip.


Blog Staff