Remembering Her's

Her’s, an indie dream pop duo from the United Kingdom composed of Steven Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading, and their tour manager, Trevor Engelbrektson, passed away due to a car crash on March 27 while touring in California. The duo was finishing up their second headlining North American tour during the time. Their distinct sound and beautifully composed music will never be forgotten.

With their most recent and sophomore studio album, Invitation to Her’s, the pair made waves in the Indie music scene with recognizably raspy vocals and dreamy upbeat yet relaxing songs that left listeners in a trance. The artists have two beautifully written albums under their belts, and they have gained much popularity within the last year from their popular release, “Cool with You”. Their talent is not something that one could pass by, but most importantly, their music was and still is the music that many cherish.

So many wonderful moments have been created with Her’s. The upbeat song “Harvey” was one in which I distinctly remember listening to while driving up and down the hills in my hometown of Syracuse, NY, with more friends in my car than I probably should have had. The smiles I experienced from that song will remain forever in my memory. I also remember drinking steaming hot tea and dancing around to “Cool With You” in my best friend’s college dorm room into the early hours of the morning. I even recall riding in the car for hours listening to “Under Wraps” as I prepared to move one thousand miles away from my hometown and everything I knew.

The duo was the brain behind music shared with so many people in so many places., with their extreme talent to continuously push the boundaries at the intersection of Dream Pop and Indie Rock. I am forever grateful for the wonderful music that Her’s created and all of the memories that came with it. Their music will continue to live on, creating memories for years to come, and without a doubt, they hold a special place in many people’s hearts. Thank you, Her’s.

Katie Lesh