Aries Season Playlist

From March 21 to April 19, the fiery and gracefully independent Aries rules the Zodiac. Us Mars-ruled folks have enough courage and zeal to run the show while being simultaneously naive in our passionate ventures.

As an Aries, find pride in your guileless yet ruthless demeanor, your undying loyalty to those close to your heart, and your brazen attitude toward many things in life.

Because of these headstrong traits of yours, the other signs of the zodiac like to assume that you’re one-sided, always on, and maybe even “too much.” However, you’re a multi-faceted, dynamic sign, and one of the most loyal as well.

Because you love so hard, you love well and keep those who mean a lot to you in your heart for a long time. Your childlike optimism may blind you at points, but it also allows you to understand emotions that others may not be able to process as willingly.

My purpose with this playlist is to encapsulate all of the sides of being an Aries, from the rush of manic emotion in Squid’s “Houseplants,” to the sentimental strength in Mr. Twin Sister’s “Keep on Mixing,” all the way to the fun-loving flamboyancy of Charli XCX’s “Porsche.” I hope these songs bring you on a journey of self-appreciation!

So here’s to you, my fellow red-hot rams; enjoy these fun and empowering tunes to fire you up throughout your very own season! Own it, baby. ;*

Caroline Whyte