'Cane Records Artist Spotlight: Javi Amador

University of Miami's award-winning student-run record label is gearing up for the release of their annual compilation For The Record Volume 3. We will be getting to know the artists on the compilation starting with Vagrant Son frontman Javi Amador.


Third-year transfer student Javier Amador is a Miami native and the face of Vagrant Son. Majoring in Musicianship, Artistry Development and Entrepreneurship (MADE) at UM's Frost School of Music, Amador is one of several artists to be featured on 'Cane Records upcoming 2018 compilation.

Amador submitted two songs to 'Cane Records to secure a spot on their compilation. Both were not yet mixed but nonetheless captured the attention of Cane Records, and Amador soon received the email that his song, "King of Sands", was going to be featured on the record.

“["King of Sands"] is the exploration of a journey of a single person. It deals with seclusion and finding out who you are,” said Amador.

Vagrant Son’s biggest influence comes from his favorite band, Thrice. Heavily influenced by their evolution of style, Amador follows suit in his own work by experimenting with various sounds.

The track will also be featured on Vagrant Son’s upcoming EP, Downwind, which includes a mix of alternative-rock and experimental songs. This is Amador’s first official release and he had a variety of moments in which he found himself inspired to write.

“Pieces of things come to me, and they just flower from that,” said Amador. However, diverting from this usual creative process, was one of the tunes on his new EP.

“I had a lyric stuck in my head during work and it wouldn’t go away, so I clocked out for a 15-minute lunch break and ended up writing the song then and there,” said Amador.

Although Amador admits the process is not always that easy, music is nothing new to him.

“Music is something I’ve known all my life, as far back as I can begin to remember. It’s just always been part of what I do,” he stated. He comes from a musically inclined family and began playing piano at age 3 and guitar at 17.  In high school, he played bass in both a hard rock and metal band.

Amador is not currently performing, but he plans to get out and play soon, following the release of Downwind.