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Fractal Beach 2018 

by Aaliyah Weathers

Ah yes, the wonderfully weird and absolutely eccentric movement that is the underground bass music culture! I had the incredible pleasure of attending Miami’s own Fractal Beach–a relatively new festival held at Virginia Key Beach Park...


Silverstein at The Culture Room

by Aaliyah Weathers

Silverstein was the first ‘screamo’ band I ever listened to. I remember being in 5th grade. The year was 2007. I was beginning my stint on the internet and discovering my music tastes. First, it was Evanescence and Paramore, then Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance....


MD's Pick of the Week

by Jordan Abrams & Peter Melero

This album is overwhelmingly special coming from the head of XL Records, Richard Russell. His career can be highlighted by signing artists such as Adele, Frank Ocean, and Thom Yorke. After putting his own music aside to work on XL....