Extra Credit Brings DJ Seinfeld to Miami

Last Saturday night, acclaimed producer and ‘90s sitcom fan DJ Seinfeld made his Miami debut at Floyd. This show was the latest installment of Klangbox’s continuing Extra Credit series of parties which has brought some of the most interesting DJ’s in today’s electronic music scene from the avant-garde Call Super to the disco pro Skatebård. In addition to running events such as Extra Credit, Klangbox founders Laura of Miami and Patrick Walsh operate klangbox.fm, an electronic-focused online radio station that like WVUM offers some of Miami’s premier radio programming. Floyd, a room attached to Space with an ultra-chic 21st Century speakeasy decor, is the perfect place to hold these events as it consistently offers electronic music that’s less accessible than the music found at most other Miami clubs while still striking the difficult balance of being easily danceable.  

As I expected, DJ Seinfeld did not disappoint. He bounced into the DJ Booth dressed more like he was about to play tennis than bring down the house, but that’s just what he did. Although he’s best known for his lo-fi sound that evokes nostalgia for an earlier period in house music his set at Floyd was exuberant and reveled in the beauty of the here and now featuring expertly mixed beats of his own composition as well as recent favorites from other life-affirming house artists. But the show wasn’t just about him. Former programing director Dr. Mofongo started the night with a set of seductive, atmospheric tracks before ending it to former general manager and Electric Kingdom Live host Kunal who honed his many years of engaging with Miami’s finest DJ’s to deliver a wickedly tasteful set that primed the audience for Laura of Miami. Laura not only created the Extra Credit event and regularly performs as a DJ but she’s also one of WVUM’s most accomplished alumni wearing many hats during her tenure there including music director and public relations director. Her set escalated the positive tension Kunal built setting the stage for the headliner.

Unfortunately, this show was the last of this was the last show in Extra Credit’s 2018 Spring series but like a failing student who just likes to spend every weekend dancing to the rhythms of world class DJ’s I’m begging for some more Extra Credit.