Cajun Music with Dr. Roger Mason

Despite its revival on the international music scene, Cajun (or Acadian/French Louisiana) Music is little known in South Florida. However, South Miami-resident and Cajun Music extraordinaire, Dr. Roger Mason, seeks to change this. After spending the majority of his youth in France, Dr. Mason began spreading the French-inspired music of Cajun Louisiana throughout the country. He is credited with introducing Acadian music to the French public through his own albums such as Le Blues de la Poisse (1971) and by organizing international tours for such Cajun music icons as the Balfa Brothers. After returning to the United States, Mason began teaching at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music. His recent work includes a book of Cajun love songs, Jolie Blonde et Aimable Brune, released just this week. Listen below as Dr. Roger Mason joins DJ Eazy Ez on board the Crescent City Connection to present a brief overview of Cajun Music and its illustrious history.

More information on Dr. Mason and his new book can be found here.

Ezra Remer