Men I Trust at PAMM

Last Thursday, Canadian trio Men I Trust dropped in at PAMM to wow fans and casual listeners to the weird wonders of their blissful take on dream pop.

The September 19th performance marked the second stop for the tour supporting their latest LP Oncle Jazz. The album, released on September 13th, is the group’s third and best as it fully captures the dreampop-meets-jazz vibes of teaser singles but also because the songs translate very well in a live setting. Pulling no punches, the touring quartet the set off with their biggest hit to-date ‘Tailwhip’.

They continued to trudge through a mix of album cuts and fan favorites such as “I hope to be around” and “Dorian” even as the moody Florida skies sent a light dose of rain intermittently throughout the set. Though the drizzles persisted for a few moments lead singer Emma Proulx brushed it off, “it’s not raining,” she shrugged with a smile and continued to plug away at her guitar to a roar of fandom.

PAMM is becoming the prime destination for modern shoegazing and psychedelia bands such as Men I Trust and TOPS because of its established stance in the Miami art scene as well as the serene waters that surround the venue. The aesthetics alone do a great job of selling the overall mood that is then bolstered by groups from up North to treat Miami fans to beautiful and unforgettable evenings of music and feeling.


Shianne Salazar