Taurus Season Playlist

April 20th is my favorite date of the year. Not only is it my birthday (!!!) but it also marks the beginning of (in my opinion) the best season of the zodiac: TAURUS SEASON <3 

The first earth sign of the zodiac, ~sensual~ taurus is ruled by venus and is a fixed sign (aka we're stable and trustworthy).

You’re for sure a taurus if you:

  1. enjoy the more luxurious things in life: good music, fine art, gourmet food, fancy fabrics, quality time with your loved one ;0.

  2. you love to save money but won't shy away from splurging on some high quality clothing.

  3. you're stubborn, but only because you know what you want and you stand up for what you believe in.

  4.  you just love to eat !

If you’ve ever forced your friends to invite you to a party even though you knew you were going to spend the whole weekend in bed anyway, this playlist is for you. 

Leah Stern