Denzel Curry Covers Rage Against the Machine, and It Is ULTIMATE

On Monday, February 14th, fans of the YouTube channel triple J woke up to a very unexpected cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls on Parade” by Denzel Curry, and boy did the internet go cray for this one.

It has been a modern-day theme that the new generation of rappers are the new rock-stars, but it is rare to see a rapper show his appreciation to the rock genre these days (even do a whole cover).

I think it is a phenomenal thing that Denzel is leading his generation of musicians by example and showing the rest of the rap game that the gap between genres could be diminished. The video currently has 4.1 million views on YouTube, but it spread through the rest of the internet like wildfire.

I would mark this cover as one of the most important covers to date, not only because its passionate and true to the original energy of a Rage Against the Machine’s performing energy, but because it is one of the few times that I have seen the internet come together and agree on how awesome some content could be.

Here are some comments left on the video that prove my point about just how nice it is to see two groups of fans come together and bond over music.

“Coolest thing I’ve seen in years. Definitely wish Denzel would do a hard rock/hardcore project. ” – Bobby Brake

“We the representatives of the metalhead community, hereby accept Denzel Curry as a pit brother.” – Jun The Third

“I don’t even know who Denzel Curry is but I’m a huge RATM fan and this sh*t slaps.” – Jack Collins

Although we have creators like Post Malone and Lil Uzi Vert that take immense inspiration from their knowledge of rock, I would like to see more rappers venture into the world of rock and put their own twist on it, just like Mr. ULT himself in this awesome cover of one of the best headbangers ever made.

Rafael Llamas