For What Do You Seek Advice?

Hello all!  My name is Leah, and welcome to “For What Do You Seek Advice,” a semi-monthly advice column where I give you advice (to the best of my abilities) and sometimes ask for advice myself (none of us are perfect lol).

The first question I want to tackle for this column is I know I have great music taste but I'm not quite sure everyone appreciates it! What do I do to make people love my music as much as I do?”

The simple answer is: you can’t do anything. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to like the same stuff you do. Some of my friends definitely don’t have the same taste in music that I do, so I like to learn the type of music they’re into. After that, I’ll make them playlists with stuff I like that I think they will like. That way, you can introduce your friends to new music, show off your taste in music, and have an overall good bonding experience with your friends. You don’t want to seem like a music snob, right??? When it comes to people who aren’t your friends, you can also do what I did: joined a college radio station.

The question someone asked me that I want to ask you all is “How do I get over my phobias? None in particular, just general phobias.” because honestly I have no idea.

I’ve been told by my grandma that I basically live in fear (lol love u grandma), so I really don’t know. Honestly, I think that it’s okay to be cautious, but don’t let fear control your life. As someone who is trying to get over her fear of the gas station (exploding,, spilling gas on myself??), take it from me to just try your best to face the fears that may seem irrational and compartmentalize the other phobias that may seem more daunting.

Lol idk tho. What do you all think??

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Leah Stern