Places to Be, People to Meet

As a relative newbie to Miami, I have spent countless hours trying to find places that best fit my interests. Thankfully, the Miami art scene varies immensely, and there are plentiful of options to choose from.

If you are the kind of person who is curious about trying new things and wants to get out of your comfort zone, or if you are simply trying to meet people with the same interests as you, then take a peek at all of the unique opportunities listed in this article!

Vinyl Social Club

I guess you could say I’m a bit old-school, but there is no better feeling than setting up your record player and watch that vinyl spin and spin until it’s time to turn it around. It’s such a magical musical experience that I feel is necessary in a world where everything is digital and intangible. If you are a big vinyl’s enthusiast like I am, and get amused every time you play a new record, Vinyl Social Club is your place to be.

They meet every Friday night at 9 pm ‘till late. Their meetings are so fun and enjoyable. There’s always warming and welcoming people with the same interests as you! There is so much to learn (and to listen) that you will never get bored. Bring your favorite records and spend an awesome Friday night with cool peeps.

On Instagram: @vinyl_social_club_mia_

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Nite Owl Theater

If you are a film lover, Nite Owl Theater got you. Besides being a 35MM revival house, it gives you the unique film experience you’ve been looking for. They usually play their carefully-picked 35mm cult classic films at night, from Thursday to Monday. This place is a must if you are curious about the film culture, as it is certainly a unique experience that takes you back in time.

Whenever I’ve attended any of their screenings, the environment is so charming and the people clearly passionate about films, and you can tell this from the minute you walk in. Whether you go with friends or by yourself, I can assure you you will have an unforgettable time and a once in a lifetime cinematic experience.

On Instagram: niteowltheater

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Dale Zine

 I’ve always thought the zine culture was incredibly powerful. Zines were a big part of my teenage years, as I used to grab newspapers, random magazines, pictures, etc. and make something out of it. It was so liberating. Besides of Zines being a big source of creativity, they are culturally important as well. They are not only relevant to art and poetry, but they encompass much more than that. Lately, zines have had a more social/political interest by promoting social justice and other relevant topics.

Dale Zine is heaven for people who enjoy zines. It is a zine retailer located in 141 e Flagler St where you can find anything you have ever imagined and more, and the artist get a commission for any sales made (go support your local artists!!!). They also have many events throughout the year and they are partnered up with many other zine organizations. If this was not enough for you to go check it out, they also have workshops of different things that you could always join!

On Instagram: dale_zine

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Villain Theater

Whether you are an introvert, an extrovert or simply curious, you are more than welcome at Villain Theater. They are South Florida’s leader in improv and sketch comedy. Located in Little Haiti, Villain Theater offers multiple options for people that are curious or interested in improv and sketch comedy.

Every first Saturday of the month they do “improv mixer” from 4-6 pm, which gives you an insight into how improv classes are. Every Tuesday at 9 pm they have an open mic for anyone who would like to show their talent, either in a solo act or in a team. If you prefer to just go as an observer, every Friday they have live comedy shows and the tickets are affordable and totally worth it.  

So many options if you ever want to try something new, and if not, just attending to any of the shows will leave you wanting more. You will not stop laughing.

On Instagram: villaintheater

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Cinthya Franco