Aquarius Season Playlist

The blog has been doing this thing where they post Astrology playlists. At the last staff meeting, I was asked if I could do the Aquarius playlist, since I am apparently one of those. I accepted in hesitation, and was asked if “I knew what an Aquarius is.” To which I responded, “Pshh of course I know what that is.”

Aquarius is a refreshing Spanish soft drink! When I visited my cousins who live in Madrid, they were obsessed with drinking Aquarius. They even pronounced it “AquariuTH,” like they had a gap in their teeth.


However, someone told me that astrology is related to when someone is born. So I told them, “1998.” They called me a loser. Anyway, sucks for them that they don’t know what the true refreshing, Mediterranean taste of an Aquarius is.

Here’s my playlist:

Alec Castillo