Capricorn Season Playlist


From December 22nd to January 20th, we celebrate the stubborn earth signs ruled by the planet Saturn. Here are some definitive signs that you might be a Capricorn:

  • You can come off as cold and distant, but it’s only because attachment is SCARY.

  • You know exactly what your goals are and what you have to do to attain them, and you don’t have time for anything or anyone that might get you sidetracked.

  • You hold yourself and the people around you to an almost impossible standard.

  • You have to constantly force yourself to take a step back and make time for ~self care~.

  • Friends have your unwavering loyalty as long as it’s reciprocated, but you’re unforgiving if it’s not.

Here’s to you, Capricorns, a playlist as ambitious as you are to push you through the start of the semester

Ale Moros