6 Reasons Why Paul McCartney Still Rules


Upon the publishing of his risqué GQ article, I began to reflect on Sir Paul McCartney’s illustrious, and seemingly never-ending, career. From the young Hamburg days with The Beatles, to cringey 80’s album covers—talking about you Give My Regards to Broad Street—and his most recent promotions of Egypt Station, McCartney has been rocking it for almost 60 years.

Here are six reasons why Macca still rules:

Still Releasing Music AND Touring

McCartney has released 25 studio albums, alone. That itself is insane. Not to mention, he’s toured for all of these albums and is still touring at 76 years old! I saw him live five years ago and it was one of the best concerts of my life, he’s still got just as much pizzaz as ever.

Image via  Wikimedia Commons

He was in Japanese Prison?

In 1980, Paul found himself in a Tokyo prison.  In the Narita International Airport, he was caught with a half-pound of weed while trying to enter Japan. He could’ve potentially spend seven years in jail for drug smuggling but was released after nine. Four years later he and Linda McCartney were arrested for the same reason in Barbados –these kids just never learn.

Image via  Meat Free Monday


Paul and his daughter Stella began Meat Free Monday in 2009. Basically, it raises awareness of the implications of meat-centric diets on the environment and encourages everyone to go meatless on Mondays. Something about good ole Paul being vegan is just the cherry on top of a sundae composed of old-age cuteness.

Maintains Relevance in Music

The post-Beatles releases of Paul are still jams. I mean, all of Band on the Run (obviously), Maybe I’m Amazed, “FourFiveSeconds”, and “Say Say Say” featuring THE Michael Jackson are just a few from throughout the years.  Not to mention Egypt Station is projected to rank #1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart.

Coolest Interviewee

For being a complete legend, Paul is the most casual dude ever. If you haven’t seen his Carpool Karaoke, go watch it. He truly feels as though he’s just everyone's super chill honorary grandpa. Any topic is up for discussion, McCartney has nothing to hide these days from drugs to questionable moments intimate with John Lennon...you know the one.

Image via  www.history.com

Image via www.history.com

Titles Galore

In 2004, Paul was knighted by Queen Elizabeth the II and he’s an honorary detective with the New York Police Department, so there’s that.

The list could go on, but McCartney is a treasure and total legend for his ceaseless love for music and general coolness. Here’s a playlist so you’ll never take him for granted again: