'Cane Records Artist Spotlight: Melanie Jo


Melanie Jo is a freshman who hails from Chicago and is majoring in Music Education and minoring in CAM (Creative American Music) with a songwriting emphasis. Her song featured on the Canes Record Compilation is “Chasing Time” and it is the lead single off her recently released EP Girl in the Corner Booth. She wrote the song while on a songwriting program in northern Michigan. She painted a clear picture of where she was at the time, by a lake in the middle of the woods. This could be noted as the inspiration for the airy and peaceful feel of her song.  

Melanie began her music education at age five by learning to play the piano. Then she learned guitar, cello, and ukulele. In high school, she served as the president of her choir. She pays it forward by teaching children how to play piano as well as giving voice lessons.  Her music is influenced by artists such as Joni Mitchell, Bon Iver, and Vera Blue. Her style of music is folk, but she is very interested in contemporary music which incorporates folk and electronic.

She sees success as creating something that she is passionate about, she loves and represents what she values. To her, success is not how many people listen to her music but that they can connect to it. She wants to be happy and enjoy what she does.

You can catch Melanie Jo live at the upcoming ‘Cane Record Release Show April 13th.

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