'Cane Records Artist Spotlight: Dylan Monti

dylan monti.jpg

Among the associated talent in the upcoming 'Cane Records compilation of 2018, Dylan Monti is a current freshman making his South Florida debut. Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Dylan set his sights towards the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music to major both in Guitar and Music Business.

His love of music started when his mom offered him some albums that he should listen to. This opened him up to influences ranging from Bon Jovi, to the groovy stylings of John Bonham’s drumming, to Liverpool indie punk band, The Wombats.

Picking up drumsticks at 8 years old, he saw himself more of as an instrumentalist. At 14, he’d have some experience with a guitar and matured enough to begin writing music.  Throughout high school, he practiced classical and jazz guitar but at Frost, he’s hoping to sharpen his skills in contemporary compositions. When he got together with other musicians he would often play the role of drummer and even performed at music festivals up in Connecticut.

Dylan’s entry on the For the Record Vol. 3, "Everybody Needs a Hug", is a catchy pop single that he wrote while a junior in high school. When he made the switch to study guitar more intensely at UM, friends and family thought the track deserved a clean up so he brought it back in 2018.  

Looking towards the future, Dylan is collaborating with friends at Frost and branching off into music he hopes can display his own talent and style . You can catch them perform at Patio Jams on March 29th as Naked Nick

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