RadioActive – The Radical Imagination: Inspiring A Move Beyond Reactionary Politics, with Max Haiven and Alex Khasnabish

by Natalie Kivell

Sunday January 28th @6pm.

On this episode of RadioActive I bring you an interview with the co-founders of the Radical Imagination, and all around believers in our ability to create a better world, Dr. Max Haiven and Dr. Alex Khasnabish. During our hour together we dig into some of the key ideas highlighted in their books: The Radical Imagination & What Moves us: The Lives and Times of the Radical Imagination.

Without getting too gushy over how much I have appreciated having their work to hold up in my own life and my own research, I will just say this – this interview will not disappoint. With a few key questions from yours truly, Alex and Max spin an eloquent narrative about the Radical Imagination and its role in creating and sustaining social transformation that somehow captures, in a succinct and beautiful way, some of the issues I have grappled with for many years. I am always grateful for language and framing to bound the messiness inherent in social transformation and social movement work and in our short time together Alex and Max help to connect beautiful and radical social theory to on the ground change, discuss how researchers can locate themselves inside and alongside movements in order to catalyze, or as Alex and Max call it to ‘convoke’, a radical imagination, and finally they share how we can re-imagine the process of collectively, intentionally and proactively moving our social movements forward in order to build the kind of world we imagine together. They make me believe that a better world is possible, so if you need a little pick me up in these dark times, these are your guys.

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As always, Let’s get critical!

Natalie Kivell