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In Rotation: Hollie Cook- Vessel of Love

One of the most difficult genres for many listeners to really get into is reggae. While it has some classic albums (e.g. Bob Mary’s Natty Dread and Peter Tosh’s Legalize It come to mind) it’s mostly a singles genre. The reggae section at any respectable record store will be packed with shelves housing 45s of roots reggae, dub and dancehall, most of which are by artists unknown outside of Jamaica or hardcore reggae fans. Once in a while though, there comes a crossover artist that helps bridge the listening gap and this time it’s Hollie Cook. Cook prefers to call her music “tropical pop,” a label that perfectly fits the unique mixture of reggae, contemporary pop and R&B she serves up on this album. It contains all the warm, earthy rhythmic tropes of classic reggae while also using lush waves of synths and bubbly horns to buoy Cook’s saccharine voice. Fans of artists like SZA and Kelela and reggae aficionados can finally sit at the same table as and enjoy the sweet treat that is Vessel of Love.


Classic Album of the Week: Hüsker Dü- Zen Arcade(1984)

Zen Arcade is a milestone in the evolution of alternative and indie rock. In 1984 Minneapolis’ Hüsker Dü (pronounced “Hoosker Doo”) dropped this ambitious double album that would go on to change the course of underground rock. The album chronicles the narrative of a young man facing life’s hardships alone and afraid. On top of hard-hitting instrumentals Drummer Grant Hart and Guitarist Bob Mould’s punishing twin vocal attack perfectly convey the yawp of someone filled with equal parts rage, confusion, and anguish. Tracks like “Something I Learned Today” and “Pride” represent some of the finest hardcore punk of the ’80s while “Whatever” and “Pink Turns To Blue” use catchy melodies to deliver messages of heartache, anticipating emo and pop punk years before those genres would come into their own. It’s a raw metallic hailstorm of conflicting emotions cycling a warm, beating, and vulnerable heart.

Other Adds This Week:

Anna Burch – Quit the Curse

Holy – All These Worlds Are Yours

Bekon – Get With The Times

MGMT – Litte Dark Age


Theifs – Graft

Leyya – Sauna

Wing Vilma – Safe By Night

Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue – Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue EP

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