Yung Pinch at the Hangar

I’ll be honest— I knew very little about Yung Pinch before attending his Miami show on Saturday. Entering the Hangar, I found myself surrounded by a motley crew; his fanbase proved to be diverse and rather intriguing, from rowdy high schoolers to seemingly free-spirited long haired men to fun loving older women. Confused on what type of event I was about to see, I stood by the front of the stage and got ready for the show.

Before Yung Pinch and his opener, Tyla Yaweh, took the stage, the audience was riled up by an array of young performers such as Trevor Daniel. The crowd took to his performance quickly-- people were singing the words back to him, reaching their hands toward the stage, and feeling the fluid rhythm of his melodic songs.


Soon, after the crowd was hyped up by numerous DJs and opening acts, they were ready for Yaweh and Pinch. “Come on, come closer, come closer! I wanna feel this energy,” said Yaweh as he motioned people inward. By the time everyone was shoulder to shoulder, Yaweh began his set with a bang. In no time, everyone was bopping in sync.


Finally, after a long awaited hype-sesh, Yung Pinch took the stage. Each and every person in the venue went wild; the drawn out lead up to his performance definitely warranted some loud cheers. The teens, who gawked in adoration of the rapper’s every move, carelessly jumped around to his music with smiles on their faces. The venue was filled with overwhelming positivity, and the audience and Pinch alike threw all their energy into giving each other the best show they could. With hits like “20 Years Later” and “When I Was Young,” Pinch’s show was definitely a night to remember..

Caroline Whyte