Interview 'The Art of Banksy' Curator Chris Ford


‘The Art of Banksy’ exhibit is set to make its American debut in Miami's Art Basel starting December 1. Chris Ford, co-curator of the exhibit sat down with the hosts of WVUM specialty show The Monkey House.

They spent a great deal discussing the works and controversial shenanigans of the elusive English artist and the reasoning behind the creation of this unauthorized exhibit. 

This interview was conducted live, but for anyone who missed out, here's the full, unedited recording for your listening pleasures. There's a lot to glean from this interview for both longtime fans of Banksy and folks who know little of him, so for anyone looking to know more about a famous graffiti artist you may not have previously known, or anyone looking to visit an unfamiliar art exhibit in the near future, check out the interview below.

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