Jhene Aiko is a rare gem in a music industry full of overproduced beats and repeated lyrics. Her third album, Trip, is an ethereal, heartfelt storybook that explores love, death, and dealing with pain. Jhene’s poetic and spoken word like lyrics cuts one to the core and provides her listeners with another glimpse into her vulnerability, pain, and self-discovery. In 2012, Jhene lost her brother and best friend, Miyagi, to cancer. Trip reflects on her relationship with him, as well as her coping methods after his death and the hope of being reunited with him in the future. In lieu of her new album, Jhene also released a short film (also called Trip) that is nothing short of a masterpiece. It tells the story of Penny (played by Jhene) and her soul-searching road trip, where she fights to keep her brother’s memory alive while struggling to stay sane. Whether you’ve been a fan of Jhene from the very beginning or this is the first time you’ve experienced her music, Trip (the movie) is not one to be missed.

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