The Drums tore through a rowdy, energetic sold-out show this past Friday night at Gramps in Wynwood. The band was supported by Hoops, and Indiana-based indie rock band, whose sound could best be described as a fusion of Real Estate and Washed Out. Thought the crowd didn’t seem to be as familiar with Hoops’ music, the band captured the crowd with their melodic, heavily reverbed surf rock-style guitar riffs, and eventually everyone was dancing. The energy peaked when the band performed their biggest single, “Gemini”, before leaving stage to roaring applause.

After about 40 minutes of anticipation, The Drums entered stage to great fanfare. Their set drew heavily from their stellar most recent album, Abysmal Thoughts, though the band delved into a variety cuts from throughout their career. The crowd’s energy really hit a stride towards the middle of the set, when the band ran through their earlier hit singles “Days”, “Let’s Go Surfing” and “Money”. One crowdsurfer managed to jump on stage and give frontman Jonathan Pierce a passionate hug; after he was let back into the crowd with no consequence, a whole flurry of crowdsurfers followed suit, jumping on stage and dancing around as the band played. Despite all this madness, Pierce’s focus didn’t break for a second, passionately delivering every note to the entranced, adoring crowd. The feelings of intimacy and connection between the crowd and the band were unmatched, and remained that way for the entirety of their 80 min+ set and encore.


Peart was recently quoted say this tour was the “most encouraging, exciting, and just sort of thrilling tour” he’s over done, and after their incredible performance at Gramps, it was easy to see what he meant.

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