Since classes at UM start back halfway through the month of January, we get a little more time to settle into the New Year before chaos ensues. For some (me), that has meant more time to try and fail at enacting my laundry list of 2018 resolutions. So as I reassess, I am figuring out the most important thing going into this new semester is happiness, so from me to you here are some tips I use to feel good and a playlist that makes me feel even better. Listen while you are walking on your commute or walking to class and you won’t be able to help the smile on your face.


  • Drink more water: Yes, everyone says this. It is on the top of every self-care list, but that’s because it is VITAL. Your body will thank you.
  • Eat more fruit: it is delicious and good for you? Snack on grapes instead of salty chips
  • Count your blessings: recognize the good things in your life, especially when it feels like nothing is going right, be mindful of all the things that are
  • Spend more time outside: Besides being good for your mood/health, I find spending more time outside is grounding and tends to make me think of the bigger picture.
  • Treat yo self: Set your own incentives for achieving personal goals and do something nice for yourself!
  • Dance it out: Shonda Rhimes fans know about her “dance it out” theory, but for those of you who may not, when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated or any variation of the former, her suggestion is to put on some music and dance for a little, it may sound ridiculous but try it with this playlist and let your worries fade for just a bit


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