Hosts: Andy Rivero-Guevara & Israel “Izzy” Aragon Bravo

School year/major:

  • Andy: Senior, Applied Physics
  • Izzy: Junior, Psychology

Favorite artists:

  • Andy: Count Basie, Bill Evans
  • Izzy: The Beatles, Nirvana, Queen

“The Monkey House” is a two-hour talk show primarily about politics and current events, but don’t think for a second that its hosts are pundits trying to choke each other with talking points. Andy and Izzy see their relationship as hosts, not as adversarial or perfectly in sync with one another. They claim the dynamic of improvisation between them and their guests as the bedrock of the show. Each one of them brings a different mindset and take on every issue, playing off of each other like different instruments in a jazz ensemble.

The show is named after the title of a Kurt Vonnegut short story and his particular aesthetic is present in the show’s approach. At face value, the show simply gives listeners interesting political discussion, but all topics are approached with an unmistakably Vonnegut sense of wit and candor.

Current events are not discussed as if happening in a vacuum. There is a healthy injection of arts and culture into every discussion and contextualize conversations with from the history surrounding a topic. The hosts also cleverly use on-air games played with guests to highlight the element of improvisation. The use of interactive games on the show is very much pertinent to the show’s approach. Video games and the intersection of old and new media are of particular interest to the hosts and are seen as key to their overall style.

Both Andy and Izzy stress that what makes the show worth it for themselves and listeners is the fact that it is constantly evolving on air. One could call it a work in progress but a better way to frame it is as an ongoing journey through the jungle of today’s society. As Andy puts it they want to “see how far we can get into the jungle.”

Listen to “The Monkey House” every Friday from 7:00pm-9:00pm

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