Host: Luis Vargas

Hometown:  Alajuela, Costa Rica

School Year/Major:  Grad Student pursuing a PhD in Biology

Favorite Artist(s): Steel Pulse, Los Cafres, Thievery Corporation, Sonámbulo, Natiruts, Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix, and The Police

About the show:

One Drop is an hour long reggae show every Thursday starting at noon. Luis has liked the genre for many years and when he came to WVUM as a rotation DJ he realized that there was a gap and not much of this music was played. It struck him as unusual because the reggae music scene is quite prominent around Miami as a whole. He wanted reggae music locally to have a radio station counterpart and thus One Drop came about.

Before One Drop, Luis had been building up his own personal music library and had the opportunity to contact a number of people, making connections with reggae artists. He highlighted how he took the initiative to reach out and collaborate with organizers and production managers. It is through these connections that he has weekly giveaways ranging from hats and t-shirts, to concert tickets. He is a big supporter of local efforts and local bands and encourages them to send their music to be played on air.

Most of all, Luis wants to spread a positive message about love, equal rights, kindness, and respect for nature. He wants to use his show as a tool to communicate and connect with his listeners and make a difference.

Tune in to One Drop Thursdays from 12 pm – 1 pm!

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