Host Name – Chris Briggs

Hometown – Raleigh, NC

School Year/Major – Second-year graduate student studying film

Favorite Artists – Merciful Fate, King Diamond, Judas Priest, Possessed

Favorite Films – Phantasm, The Thing, Dracula

About the Shows –


Metal Revolution

Beginning as Midweek Metal Mania in the late eighties, then changing to Metal Revolution in the nineties, and eventually re-emerging in 2011 as The Vice, WVUM’s metal speciality show is now led by second-year graduate student Chris Briggs, once again under the name Metal Revolution. After significant promotion through their Facebook page, Metal Revolution has regained its throne of thrash on the FM airwaves.

Although Chris has a soft spot in his heart for the classic metal artists everyone loves, such as Iron Maiden and Metallica, he aims to give listeners a unique WVUM experience when they tune in, by playing underground artists that they will not hear anywhere else while flipping through the stations. Not only does he enjoy introducing listeners to modern underground bands, he also shares the inspirations for many of the more well-known artists in the metal community, giving listeners the whole picture of the origins of the bands they all love.

Chris often finds himself having to tiptoe around FM radio’s censorship requirements, and closely listen to the music he plays or even edit certain tracks so that they are air-appropriate, but he believes that is just another charm of the opportunity to broadcast metal to the South Florida community.

Make sure to listen in Wednesdays at 10pm!

Movies on WVUM

As if the massive undertaking of Metal Revolution was not enough, Chris has recently started a film review show on WVUM, the only of its kind on the station.

Although he grew up on horror, Chris’s movie knowledge spans vastly beyond just that. Pursuing a film major, he is well-versed in all things movies. On the show, he plans not only to review new movies, but also give suggestions on classic and contemporary films that are similar to those currently being released. For example, Chris recommends movies such as Saving Private Ryan for fans of Dunkirk, which was released this past summer.

Chris also aims to promote on-campus events, such as the screenings every Wednesday and Friday at Cosford Cinema and the Canes Film Festival, at the end of each year. Affiliating himself with local film organizations such as the Secret Celluloid Society, Chris intends to advocate for screenings and organizations throughout Miami.

You can tune in to WVUM’s only movie review show every Saturday at 3pm!




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