Sunday December 17th @6pm. 

RadioActive goes on tour to Harrisburg, PA!

Tune in on December 10th to hear my interview with Dr. Candalyn Rade, Dr. Holly Angelique and Dr. Traci Weinstein who make up the Community Psychology and Social Change Program at Penn State Harrisburg. Together we not only created what is most certainly a viral hashtag (or bumper sticker motto!) #MEBKCA – Make Empirically Based Knowledge Cool Again, we also share with listeners a super accessible conversation on what is Community Psychology, and what value Community Psychology adds to our communities and society in the current socio political context. As we dare to #MEBKA we put together an hour of conversation and fun digging into some of the big questions of how research can and should address structural injustices, critically reflect on our own roles as academics and continue find ways to think and do outside of the box of traditional academic scholarship.

Thank you Candalyn, Traci and Holly for hosting me, as the RadioActive tour continues!

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