Sunday November 5th @6pm. 

HAPPY ALUMNI WEEK EVERYONE!! Alumni Radioactive host Mike took back the reigns for one night only (as he not so gracefully topples me from my hosting chair). In his resurgence to grand leader, Mike brings you an interview with Abdelrahman Amr (aka Abde) – an Egyptian communications enthusiast who is passionate about everything startups, entrepreneurship and technology, along with his passion and experience with civil rights in the middle east. In this interview Abde shares his own story of participating in Tahrir Square during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. During the interview Mike and Abde reflect on how EVEN with what is (for all intents and purposes) a successful uprising or revolution justice is not always the end result for the people. Bringing it back to reflect on movements in the U.S, Mike asks – why? What was missing in the Egyptian revolution in order to successfully pre-figure and result in a more just and open society.

Tune in for what is both a powerful and educational interview.

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