Sunday, January 22nd @6pm. 

Episode Playlist: Andra Day, Rise Up

On this episode of RadioActive I was joined in studio by Lutze Segu, the gender justice organizer heading up the #FemmeAgenda initiative here in Miami. The #FemmeAgenda is working to bring the voices of ALL women, through a framework of intersectional feminism, together for actionable change.… Read More

As an international student at the University of Miami, one of the many appeals of coming here was the free time that I might be able to spend exploring the rest of the United States. Over winter break I was fortunate enough to do just that and travelled from Miami to New York to California and so I made a fun playlist of songs that are relevant to each region either by a tenuous title link or the artist being from there.… Read More

Sunday January 15th @6pm. 

Episode Playlist:
Bomba Estéreo – Soy Yo
La Santa Cecilia – Hielo

On this episode of RadioActive I was joined by Serena Perez, Membership Director at the National Domestic Worker Alliance Serena discussed the legal and historical context for worker rights and well-being locally and nationally for domestic workers – and how the Alliance is using local organizing to prepare for a Trump Administration. Read More


A few months ago, I got the very special privilege to meet and interview Minor Victories at Iceland Airwaves. For those of you who are familiar, they’re a supergroup consisting of members of Slowdive, Mogwai and Editors. They released their debut self-titled album last year on Fat Possum records and have been touring ever since.… Read More

Sunday, January 8th, 2017 @6pm

Episode Playlist 

  •  Los Jornaleros Del Norte – Serenata a un Indocumentado
  • Ana Tijoux – Shock

On this episode of RadioActive, I was joined by Jonathan Fried, Executive Director of WeCount, an organization out of Homestead that works in partnership with farm workers and Latin American immigrants to achieve justice and equality through things like social action, education, literacy training and organizing.… Read More