At the beginning of the month I was given the incredible opportunity to travel to New York City for Mondo, a college radio conference and was able to attend some wonderful panels, amazing shows and even got to meet a few artists.… Read More

Last Friday,  I attended a Climate Innovation Lab at Florida International University, put on by Sachamama. Sachamama is a self-professed, “nonprofit on a mission to build support for 100% clean energy economy and sustainable attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles within Latin communities.” The purpose of the day was to provide a forum for college students to voice their climate concerns and brainstorm ways that they can address those concerns and make a difference in their communities.… Read More

Although almost everyone was there to see big names like Kali Uchis and Gorillaz, III Points isn’t only about the music. They had an entire convention-sized room with A/C where they showcased notable artist installations. It was kind of impossible to miss because you had to pass by it in order to get into the Main Frame stage.… Read More

Miami: Beaches… Latin music… warm weather… flavor… bratwurst?

Surely the last thing one would imagine coming across when in Miami is anything relating to Germany. Yet, believe it or not, the German Social American Club of Miami celebrated its 60th Oktoberfest this Saturday- making it the longest-running Oktoberfest celebration in the United States.… Read More

Sunday @6pm. 

RadioActive has been on tour around Canada and the US for the past four months (with more tour dates to come!). And tonight we are back with a live show right here in Miami. On tonights episode we are having the third sparing match between friends Natalie, Mike, Quintin and Aida where we will continue to normalize ‘talking politics around the dinner table’.… Read More

  The Frost Museum of Science hosts Laser Fridays every first and third Friday of the month. Music from a variety of well-known artists is played in the museum’s planetarium, accompanied by a laser spectacular. You are given laser glasses that distort your vision and instead of looking at one laser beam, you see fifty at a time, making your experience even more trippy.… Read More