English Electronic music producer Mura Masa came to Miami on Friday, November 13. His DJ set was presented by III Points. The crowd at Club Space’s Terrace was small and spacious, but still enjoyable.

Mura Masa’s setlist was eclectic and varied in tempo, genre, and artists.… Read More

Sunday November 12th @6pm.

This week RadioActive stops in Atlanta, Georgia to interview Dr. Dominique Thomas about his recent research on campus racial climate for African American Students. His research looks to better understand the phenomena of racial climate in order to better tackle issues of institutional racism in higher education.… Read More

Sunday November 5th @6pm. 

HAPPY ALUMNI WEEK EVERYONE!! Alumni Radioactive host Mike took back the reigns for one night only (as he not so gracefully topples me from my hosting chair). In his resurgence to grand leader, Mike brings you an interview with Abdelrahman Amr (aka Abde) – an Egyptian communications enthusiast who is passionate about everything startups, entrepreneurship and technology, along with his passion and experience with civil rights in the middle east.… Read More

Happy Halloween everyone! One of the most disappointing things is when you are looking for a Halloween themed playlist, the only options are lists full of tracks like “Monster Mash” and “Time Warp.”

But fear no more, I hope you enjoy this spooky playlist from my specialty show “The Smile Time Variety Hour” which you can catch Monday nights from 9-11pm here on WVUM 90.5 FM

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Hosts: Andy Rivero-Guevara & Israel “Izzy” Aragon Bravo

School year/major:

  • Andy: Senior, Applied Physics
  • Izzy: Junior, Psychology

Favorite artists:

  • Andy: Count Basie, Bill Evans
  • Izzy: The Beatles, Nirvana, Queen

“The Monkey House” is a two-hour talk show primarily about politics and current events, but don’t think for a second that its hosts are pundits trying to choke each other with talking points.… Read More