2017 was a whirlwind in every different way, but fortunately, it blessed us with some incredible music. As the year comes to a close, our staff is looking back at some of our favorite tracks of the year. Check out the playlist below of songs ranging Igooghost’s out of this world single “White Gum” to SZA’s stripped back “Supermodel” and “20 Something.” Happy New Year from WVUM, keep it locked!Read More

by Jordan Abrams

Fashion is 2017 has become so simple, yet so exclusive. I’ve noticed that the most popular items in the fashion world have been so straight to the point this year, that they almost seem so obvious. Most importantly, these ideas in fashion seem one of a kind and exclusive.Read More


Back when the best meme around was Bad Luck Brian, who would have thought memes would evolve to the point they are now in 2017. Memes have become an art, a kill, a form of social currency. At least every two weeks a new one popped up to take over social media, so here are just a few of our favorites.… Read More

It has been said that we are in yet another “golden age” of television. It seems every other day, there is a show premiering (or streaming). So no, we busy college students cannot claim to have the definitive list of the best shows of the year, there is simply too much out there, but here are some of our favorites from 2017 that we suggest you binge over break.Read More