Today’s show focused on the human immune system, the body’s defense mechanism against foreign disease-causing agents, or pathogens.  We started with a discussion of the structure of human immunity, dividing it into innate, humoral, and cell-mediated immunity.  We followed this with a discussion of recent highlights in immunological research, including the discovery of the mechanism behind Dengue Virus infection and the immune response for Listeria.  … Read More


Miami’s music scene got an 80s-style shot in the arm last night after New Order delievered a sold-out show to the crowd at Filmore Miami Beach. This venue routinely bills big acts (Animal Collective recently announced a show there in November), but the crowd this time around made the show truly special.… Read More

Last year, we were all shocked to find out that that there was a brand new festival happening right on the foot of the Okeechobee River with a striking line-up. The inspiration for this festival began through what any good festival starts up with: the festival grounds.… Read More

This year, I was able to attend the 11th annual Jazz in the Gardens Festival and I had a blast.

The lineup for saturday included:

Cristyle Renae

Ronnie VOP

April Raquel & Kouture Funk

Najee, Alex Bugnon, & Regina Belle

Average White Band

Michael McDonald

Kool & The Gang

Charlie Wilson


I was able to watch Ronnie VOP and April Raquel perform of the local artists.… Read More

Massive Ideas threw the inaugural Fractal Beach from March 11th-13th at Historic Virginia Key Park.


Fractal Beach was an intimate affair, as it took no longer than a minute to reach the stage area from the campsites. Despite some first-year hiccups related to the cancelation of late-night sets, good vibes prevailed throughout the weekend.… Read More