Messier 83 is a pinwheel galaxy discovered in the 18th century and catalogued in Messier’s book of “nebulous objects.” Like this galaxy, the namesake for the band M83, its music is gravitational, scintillating, vast, and unfathomable.

Fans from the surrounding area of Cincinnati populated Bogart’s on Tuesday for a night featuring opener Bob Moses and a killer set from Anthony Gonzalez and co.… Read More


Bunbury Music Festival is a midsized festival that takes place in June every year since 2012 in Cincinnati, OH, bringing in acts from all over the country while bolstering locals as well. The festival aims to curate a well-rounded experience for all different tastes, featuring past acts such as Death Cab for Cutie, Yo La Tengo, Snoop Dogg, and Jane’s Addiction, along with Ohio acts the National and the Black Keys.… Read More

OK so I didn’t think Shaky Knees (May 13-15 – Atlanta, Georgia) was gonna be that much different than the other fests that I’ve been to. However, I had only been to Warped Tour (6 year club, all throughout high school) and the Fest (all punk rock in Gainesville, check out Julie’s review here), so my weekend experience in Atlanta was quite interesting.… Read More

Day 2 of Coachella was noticeably hotter, but less dust and wind. My day began with Moon Taxi, Strangers You Know, and James Bay, but after that I started seeing bands that pertain more to WVUM‘s sound.

On the outdoor theater stage I was able to see one of the breakthrough artists of the festival: Rhye.… Read More

Sundays @6pm

This week I brought you Jen Sandler, Lecturer at UMass Amherst, and Director of the UMass Alliance for Community Transformation. I stumbled upon Jen’s work a few years back and instantly felt like I was given the language to articulate how I understood the world and my role as an agent of social change.… Read More

26043916003_f3170c51d2_kWanee Festival in Live Oak, Florida is a one-of-a-kind chillout stay-up-all-night experience. I’ve gone for the past two years and again found nothing but love, relaxation, and great music during this years’, April 13th through April 16th.

Here’s a few thoughts and observations I had while wandering through the campsites, festival grounds, and seas of oak trees and hammocks:… Read More