Friday, September 28th, The Fillmore welcomed Mutemath, Colony House, and ROMES to perform in Miami Beach. Irish-English band ROMES kicked off the show with an extremely lively setlist. I hadn’t heard of ROMES until this concert, but their energy and apparent passion for their music definitely pulled me in. I was particularly impressed by the guitarist James Tebbitt’s extensive solos and technicality. Their best song was their biggest hit, “Believe”, from their 2016 Believe EP.

Next up was my favorite performance of the night, Colony House. Their energy and stage presence was raw and genuine, adorning the stage only with a simple sign bearing their name. Lead singer, Caleb Chapman, put on a fantastic performance, he sang each song as if it were his last time performing it. Their hit, “You and I”, was the best to hear live. The crowd loved it, you could tell the band loved it, the energy was off the charts.

Next came Mutemath. I have been a pseudo-fan of Mutemath for awhile and was looking forward to seeing them live, but ended up being slightly disappointed. They allocated far too much attention to coordinated outfits, various methods of sound distortion, and background graphics that stole from the performance itself. It all felt forced, and what should have been the focus of the performance, the music, was lost in all the hubbub. Their was one moment that stood out, though. Lead singer, Paul Meany, brought out his daughter for one of the songs and she adorably danced along as her dad performed. Honestly, that was the most genuine moment of their performance, and thus my favorite. Overall the night was a success but Colony House definitely stole the show and I won’t be surprised if I seem them on their own tour in the near future.

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