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March 31st, I had the pleasure of going to Churchill’s Pub and seeing some cool acts play. Named Big Kahuna Bash, the show included a variety of bands and Quentin Tarantino movies, like Pulp Fiction, projected on a screen out back. Among the lineup was Long Shore Drift, who happily announced that they would be releasing their new EP titled “No Diving” the same night.

I personally have listened to their music for quite some time, but had not seen them live until then. The venue was filled with friends and supporters alike who fed off each other’s energy. They played some oldies, like “Way to You’, as well as some new songs for the first time. Long Shore Drift definitely did not disappoint with their performance.

Long Shore Drift, also known as LSD, formed the summer of 2013 and was originally a family band consisting of Carli and Nikki on guitar and vocals, Michael on drums, and Caitlin on keyboard. Ammar later joined the band on bass. Carli noted how she and her cousins always wanted to be in a band and she played music with Ammar in middle school. Each member of their band has influences ranging from Local Natives, to Grouplove, to Vampire Weekend, to the Beatles. Taking all these influences into account, they describe their sound as an “indie rock/moody synthy/tropical/sometimes-surf wall of sound”.

In 2014, LSD started playing shows around Miami at places like Churchill’s Pub. Back then, an emphasis was placed on house shows which were known to be a good time. While house shows are fewer in number, opening a venue is a dream of the band.

Future plans include recording a full length album before some of the members leave for college and playing shows in areas outside of Miami.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for the local band! Be sure to catch them at one of their upcoming shows!

Listen to Long Shore Drift @

Song Recommendations: Way To You, Sun, Fire in the Water

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