Life in Color brought “the world’s largest paint party” to Miami’s own Mana Wynwood this past Saturday, bringing ravers together for a paint-soaked evening with some of the biggest names in EDM.

Mana Wynwood was a very fitting venue for this party to be held; the art-covered walls for blocks on end provided a perfect backdrop for the paint-fueled festivities. Ravers came prepared, equipped with squeeze bottles of paint and some of the zaniest costumes you could imagine, including sumo wrestlers, dinosaurs and robots.

Sector X, the festival’s main stage, was headlined by heavy-hitters Diplo and Marshmello, and came equipped with multiple paint-cannon stations that soaked down every inch of the crowd, as well a walkway out into the middle of the crowd that performers would run up and down. I began my evening here with some solid performances by Solano, Mija and Illenium. However, after getting drenched with the water-based paint, combined with dealing with a nasty cold and the evening’s wind chill, I eventually decided to make my way over to the warmer (and dryer) Rare Stage.

The Rare Stage was a tent located just outside of Mana Wynwood’s general vicinity, in the old abandoned RC Cola Plant. I made it over towards the end of Ookay’s set, just in time to catch a stellar performance from Tritonal. The producer/DJ duo integrated several crowd-pleasing hits across multiple genres, including Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles”. Tritonal was followed by one of the evening’s sole hip-hop acts, 19-year-old G.O.O.D. Music-signee Desiigner. The EDM-centric crowd seemed unfamiliar with much of Desiigner’s catalog, and was largely dead as he ran through cuts from his debut mixtape, New English, as well as a few new tracks and guest features. However, Desiigner refused to let the lack of enthusiasm kill his vibe, as he pranced around stage, engaged the crowd and crowdsurfed, accompanied by a giant robotic bunny hypeman. Eventually, Desiigner recaptured the crowd’s energy, and had the entire tent screaming out every word to his platinum smashes “Tiimmy Turner” and “Panda”.

Immediately after Desiigner exited stage, chants for “Carnage”, the Rare Stage’s headliner, echoed throughout the crowd. Shortly after, Carnage entered stage to deafening applause. He immediately broke into an hour-long set of hard-hitting, trap-infused bangers, including his massive party singles “I Like Tuh” and “WDYW”, as well as variations of popular trap hits such as Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” and local rapper XXXtentacion’s breakout single “Look At Me!”. Despite the later time slot, the crowd’s energy didn’t cease for one second – Carnage kept the audience thoroughly captivated for the duration of his set. Between a killer setlist and brilliant crowd-hyping tactics in between songs, Carnage put on what was easily the most entertaining set of the evening, and proved why he has earned the reputation of being one of the best live-performing DJ’s in electronic music today.

Overall, Life In Color 2017 was certainly a unique and unforgettable experience. Highlights include Carnage’s headlining set, Tritonal’s performance, and the exuberantly creative set up that LIC designed throughout the Mana Wynwood area. The only real disappointment was the cancellation of my favorite artist, Young Thug, who missed his flight to Miami (though this is in no way LIC’s fault!). I am by no means an EDM fan, but this festival still managed to be an immensely enjoyable experience. If you are a fan of EDM or are just looking for a fun and unique festival experience, check out the next Life in Color event near you – you won’t regret it.


P.S. Don’t worry about the paint – it comes out in the wash.

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