The Frost Museum of Science hosts Laser Fridays every first and third Friday of the month. Music from a variety of well-known artists is played in the museum’s planetarium, accompanied by a laser spectacular. You are given laser glasses that distort your vision and instead of looking at one laser beam, you see fifty at a time, making your experience even more trippy. The shows feature some legendary throwbacks like Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, The Doors, The Beatles, Queen, and Jimi Hendrix.


This Friday, I went to the Daft Punk show. The planetarium is chilly and dark, but when you sit on the chairs and stare up at the 67-foot dome to look at the constellations being projected, you feel time slowing down, your body softening and an incredible peace within. And then all of a sudden the catchy tune of “Harder Better Faster Stronger” blasts through the speakers and the words ‘Daft Punk’ emerge out of thin air. A red fist pumps to the beat of the song and lifts its fingers revealing the words: Harder, Better, Faster. From that point forward, the projections got more and more interesting. For the song “Around the World” there was a plump little penguin with a blue antenna (I thought it looked like a platypus, but my friends kept insisting it was a penguin) traveling with a dancing chameleon, a singing girl alien wearing a pink short dress, and behind her a small green bulge-eyed alien spinning tunes at a turntable.

Laser Fridays are an imaginative and alternative way to spend time with friends and jam out to your favorite throwbacks.

P.S. Try sitting towards the back of the planetarium that way your neck won’t cramp too much since you will be looking up for fifty minutes.


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