Over spring break I left the tropical weather behind in Miami to travel to New York City, which had the season’s biggest snowstorm this past week. Even with a jam-packed schedule and a literal blizzard working against me, I was still able to try some of the most talked about desserts in the city, all of which made me grateful that I was covered in layers instead of in a bikini.

Dough Doughnuts

Dough may take the crown for the best doughnuts I have ever tasted. I have been once before but considering everything on their menu made my mouth water I knew I had to come back and have another. This time I opted for the Hibiscus flavor which tastes like a smoothie on a doughnut. Though that may sound a bit weird at first, it’s actually an absolutely perfect balance of flavors.


Dō: Cookie Dough Confections

For all the people that would rather eat the raw cookie dough instead of baking it, this one is for you. Dō scoops cookie dough as if it is ice cream, even with the option to have it in a waffle cone. Founders of the shop found alternatives to make the dessert safe to eat without any risk of salmonella or foodborne illness that usually comes with eating unbaked cookie dough. With an assortment of flavors, and creations (the cookie dough ice cream sandwiches are to die for), Dō definitely lives up to the hype.


Dominique Ansel Bakery

This well-known bakery in Soho offered some of the most interesting and creative treats I have ever seen. Not only is this bakery responsible for the creation of the cronut (croissant + doughnut) but they also have other original desserts like the chocolate chip cookie shots (my friend, pictured above loved hers) and frozen s’mores. My heart was set on a cronut, but they were unfortunately sold out for the day so after much deliberation (which I had plenty of time for in a line that nearly went out the door) I decided on the incredibly tasty and filling Nutella milk bread. I was surprisingly in love with my choice and will definitely make it a point to come back and tackle their diverse menu.


Black Tap

Black Tap was the final stop on my foodcation and I was unfortunately a bit disappointed in this one. The diner offers burgers, beer and more but is known for the outrageous hand-crafted milkshakes. “Crazy Shakes” come in flavors like Cotton Candy, a strawberry shake topped with rock candy, cotton candy, pearl chocolates and more, or The Cookie Shake, a cookies and cream type shake topped with cookie crumble, a “cookiewich”, chocolate chips and the works. I split a Fruity Pebble shake which tasted just like the leftover milk after a bowl of cereal, topped with a half a poptart, a wrapped Nerds rope and cereal bar. While it was surely yummy, at $15 it was far overpriced and not necessarily worth almost an hour wait in freezing temperatures outside the shop. Still, at least it was Instagram worthy.

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