Earlier this month House of Creatives Festival transformed Historic Virginia Key Beach into an alternative paradise. The weather was not on our side but we still managed to have an incredible time, check out our recap and photo gallery below!

Salt Cathedral

On the first night of House of Creatives music festival, alternative-pop band Salt Cathedral put on a show that the entire crowd enjoyed. Salt Cathedral’s electro-pop music is tropical, eclectic, and funky. Their music includes many different sounds that filled the stage at HOC, including bells, whistles, percussion, and electric keyboard notes. The crowd bounced along to “Always There When I Need You,” one of their newest hits where the ranges of Juliana’s voice is explored as she hits different high notes on loops.  “No Ordinary Man,” is another organic, free-flowing emotional song that one can’t help swaying along to. The crowd waved their light up sticks in the sky as Salt Cathedrals charmed with their eclectic jams and jazzy rhythms. – Alexandra Jess


Sir Sly

Sir Sly proved their musicianship, giving a stellar performance despite various technical difficulties. They played with what was working and you would think it was their regular set. An impromptu stripped down version of their song “Change” with just drums, bass, and an electric guitar gave the song a new feeling as lead singer, Landon Jacobs, sang “did I run to the wrong side?” The ways they were able to manipulate their set and still give a great show left me incredibly impressed.  A fan favorite, “High,” had the crowd wild and ended their set on a “high” note. – Francesca Gedeon



This was my third time seeing Metronomy and they certainly did not disappoint! The British band, led by frontman Joe Mount brought their usual burst of fun to the House of Creatives main stage in their first performance in Miami since III Points in 2014. Their album ‘Summer ‘08’ came out last July but the band didn’t take it out on the road straight away so it was a set well worth the wait. They packed in an assortment of hits from their discography and the crowd loved every second. Their unique blend of electro-pop had us dancing, whether it was the title track off 2014’s ‘Love Letters’ or 2011 banger ‘The Look’. I actually got to chat with Joe and Oscar briefly and as I used to host a UK 2000s indie show we discussed our favorite music of 2008 and I even told them how a deep cut of theirs ‘Trick or Treatz’ from their 2006 debut made it on my recent Halloween playlist. The band is set to be releasing new music soon so fingers crossed it won’t be too long until they return to the sunshine state! – Megan Abram


Washed Out 

It is hard to believe that Washed Out (a.k.a. Ernest Greene) started out as a modest bedroom producer after watching the spectacle of his Mister Mellow live show. Greene and his band performed in front of a screen that nearly filled the entire stage displaying everything from psychedelic decoupage of dazed Americana to neon-colored motion captured images of Greene dancing with arms extended in real-time. Naturally, the music complimented the visuals perfectly with a hard-grooving extended mix of the Mister Mellow lead single, Get Lost, and woozy renditions of his earlier, more straight-laced synth-pop tunes being definite highlights. – Peter Melero



After around 2 hours of rain delays and lightning scares, Sunday’s headliner MGMT came out to the surprise and excitement of the audience shortly after 11 P.M. The duo (backed up by a full band) immediately broke out into their 2007 breakout hit “Time to Pretend”, which was met roaring applause and a unified crowd sing-a-long. Afterwards, lead singer Andrew VanWyngarden thanked the crowd for sticking around and apologized for the insane weather delays that pushed back their set time, promising to “play every song twice as fast, just so we can get through them all.” The crowd’s energy and excitement levels continued to flourish as the band ripped through Congratulations lead single “Flash Delirium” and recent single “Little Dark Age”, even as the rain started up once again. 

Unfortunately,VanWyngarden was unable to keep his earlier promise and after just three songs announced that the band’s set was being cut short, and they only had time to perform one more song. Thankfully, they chose fan favorite “Kids” as their final song, extending it into an enthralling 8+ minute psychedelic jam. The band promptly left stage afterward, which was, of course, met with a series of loud “encore” chants from the crowd. Ben Goldwasser, visibly annoyed by the premature termination of his band’s set, stuck around and encouraged these chants before unsuccessfully trying to convince his bandmates to come back out for one more song. Ultimately, MGMT’s set was plagued by factors that were out of the band’s control, but for what it was, the band put on a stellar, crowd-pleasing performance. – Jack Connolly


Surf Curse 

Going into House of Creatives, I was not too familiar with Surf Curse. They began their set and immediately I was attracted to their surf (hence, their name) -rock vibes. Having an affinity for drummers who also sing lead vocals, Nicholas Rattigan’s three-piece set and marvelously rowdy vocals drew me in from the get-go. The band was also constantly involving themselves with the crowd. You could tell they were stoked to be there, discussing their excitement to be in what they called them “Las Vegas of the south.”  Merely a two-piece, their energy makes up for anything they lack in the music technicality department. I’m so glad I stumbled upon Surf Curse’s set, they will definitely be making their way into all of my fall 2017 playlists! – Sarah Braddock

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