Howdy, Internet, and welcome to WVUM’s new website!

My name is Roshan Krishnan and I’m the webmaster here at WVUM. When I started this job all the way back in 2013, I knew that one of my goals would be to design a brand new site for the station. Little did I know how much we needed it, and how long it would take me.

Let me first profusely apologize for the reliability problems our old site had. It was running on extremely old server and even older software that was simply on its last legs. I realize that listening to our web stream has not been the smoothest experience for our listeners over the past year or two, and that bums me out. You folks keep us running, and are the reason all our DJs come into the studio every week- you deserved better! However, I’m super excited to say that those issues will soon be a thing of the past. We now have a brand new site hosted on brand new server space, and expect to have our stream up and running very soon!

This has been a collective effort by the WVUM Executive Board and we all really, really hope that you enjoy the new website. As with any big change, I’m sure there will be kinks to work out, which is why I absolutely welcome any feedback you might have. Please e-mail any comments, questions, or concerns you might have to I would love to hear from you and will continue to work to make this site the best it can possibly be!

Thank you so much, enjoy the site, and of course- keep it locked!

– Roshan


About Roshan Krishnan

Things I like: pop punk. Things I do not like: the bourgeoisie.

One Thought on “Hello, World!

  1. Listening to you already more than 20 years, it is still the best station I know.
    Now, where can I get you on your new site finally uninterrupted. Thanks Ariel

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