Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming with the fifth edition of For the Record – song suggestions from your friendly neighborhood music fiend. Over the last few weeks, so much new music has been released that it was difficult for me to choose just a few but here are some of my favorite new/new to me songs I have heard lately.

Passionfruit – Drake









I have my opinions about Drake’s music and his recent habit of “adapting” and “appreciating” different cultures in his sound, however the groove in Passionfruit is undeniable. While it is almost ruined by a fairly annoying intro, the song feels like one of Drake’s first in a while that is a hit without trying too hard to be.

When It Comes To Us – Frances ft. Ritual









This emotional duet is pretty simple and stripped back and to be honest you have probably heard plenty of similar songs before, but for some reason – in the same way as the song describes, the song just works so well. It’s not trying to reinvent anything or stand out stylistically but even still I keep coming back to it

Chanel – Frank Ocean







Gone are the days of memes about waiting for Frank Ocean music to drop. Chanel is everything you’d expect from Ocean at his best, lyrically clever, sonically interesting and thematic. Fingers crossed that he keeps it coming and I haven’t jinxed it.

What Is Love – Kingdom ft. SZA









What Is Love, a recent single from Los Angeles DJ Kingdom’s debut solo project does not deviate too far from the producer’s signature sound which audiences have come accustomed to on tracks from alternative R&B artists like SYD and Kelela. But hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. SZA’s voice is compelling as always and accompanied by the atmospheric production and seductive lyrical content it all adds up to a song I will have on repeat for weeks.

Freak Like Me – NoMBe









This German-American artist has a knack for experimental production that can pull listeners in just with their originality alone. His recent single is no different. The sound is gritty, psychedelic and funky in ways that are hard to explain. It feels like it belongs on the soundtrack of a 70s film about undercover cops but in the best way possible.

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